Do You Have What It Takes to be great at meeting new people?

I understand how important names are and this is the reason I created

Meet the creator: My name is Grzegorz. Since I moved outside Poland nobody can pronounce my name. Do you know that when someone says my name "quite" right I turn all ears?

Names are important!

What is the first question you ask when meeting someone? "What's your name?" - good luck if you can repeat the answer! If not, you are bound to call him 'colleague' forever!


Once a guy admitted to me that during a public online meeting he was so afraid of saying my name wrong that he didn't ask me a question. So he spent 5.5 hours on a task instead of asking me. It would take 25 minutes... I'm guilty of similar, are you? 😓

Do you work in a remote or international company? Why not make people's lives easier and record your name and share it in email footers, Slack, Jira or Yammer. Why do we have all these tools if we still do not communicate?

It's easy - record your name and start by attaching the link to your profile in email footers.

Your name is "easy" to pronounce? Great for you! But if you introduce sayoname to your company maybe that chap with the tough name will record his. And make everybody's life easier!

Just share the link in email footers, Jira or Basecamp. Join hundreds who already created profiles and help others!

Available soon: check a name using Microsoft Teams, Slack and email clients before your meeting starts!

The final result? Improved relationships ✔️ + happiness ✔️ = Winner


Next time don't pretend that your colleague doesn't have a name.

Click his profile, learn to say it, success 🤝 !

What you get:

Professional recordings

Bad recording?

Send us the link to your profile and we'll tweak you voice so it sounds sexy ;)


Teams, Slack, Outlook, Gmail.

Soon access recordings from the tools you use every day!

Free resource as a thank you

"How 7 Things Will Change The Way You Approach Online Meetings"

Just create a profile and send us a message with the profile link.


Waiting for integrations?

Add your email and we'll let you know when they are ready!

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Record names and store for free
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Easily share the profile on social media to build brand
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